Sanny X feat.Grace Niarou

Release Date: 2015-08-29
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How would ‘DISCO’ sound if it was invented today? Well, we have a pretty good idea it may sound like this – The latest remix of Supersonic’ gets an electro-funky, steady ‘4 to the floor’ disco style treatment from original composer, Sanny X. The sensual vocal from Grace Niarou wraps around your senses and melodically warms the groove it sits on, ensuring a positive response from the dance floor and radio listeners alike. Some great production touches, real disco orchestration and funky synth elements further add to the ’NuDisco’ sound that PlusSoda so effectively champion’s – Go get it!

Mastering by Greg at Mutant Bit Mastering
Available mixes: Sanny X Disco 54 Remix & Disco 54 Dub