Legend, Icon, Innovator – words that are often bestowed upon frankly undeserving recipients in the DJ and Music Production world – One name however truly deserves those hallowed words. Recognised by his peers and the music industry spanning the past 3 decades, Swedish born ‘Sanny X’, started DJing in the early 80s in his hometown of Gothenburg. Quickly recognised by DMC founder Tony Prince as a unique and special talent, Sanny was invited to the 1984 DMC convention, where, to the amazement of the attending world’s DJs, he became the first DJ ever to perform live megamixing (known today as a ‘mash-up’) using vinyl mixing alongside sampler technology. This historic performance pre-dated commonplace sampling technology and usage in the DJ world by at least 5 years. Following this, Sanny took up UK residency at DMC studios where he further honed his production and DJ talents even further, crafting (now recognised as classic, ground-breaking) mixes, remixes and productions for major global Artists, souch as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Gloria Gaynor. During his time at DMC, Sanny scored another major achievement, becoming the creator of the world’s first DJ Remix pop/dance cross-over hit record, ‘I Love to Love’, with disco star Tina Charles (massive across Europe and #1 in France, ’86/’87).

Although his studio work was super-important to Sanny, equally so was his desire to spin vinyl and play-out at live, DJ gigs. Though often making many global DJ guest appearances through the late 80s into early 90’s, Sanny quickly added prestige club residencies to his DJ travels – amongst those, were as the flagship resident DJ at London’s Hippodrome nightclub, probably the most famous and prestigious club in the world at that time. After travelling to many other countries and playing numerous different club nights, Sanny travelled to Rhodes, where he fell in love with the island, its people and culture – he settled there for a few years, where he opened, ran and DJ’d at ‘Club Swing’, playing House music to enthusiastic crowds between 1994 and 2002. Taking a studio & DJ hiatus in 2003, more as a break from pioneering the art of DJing and Production for two decades, Sanny stepped out of the limelight to reinvigorate and re-invent himself, only to return to his beloved music career with fresh ears, heart and enthusiasm in 2005. After finding his new musical and technology direction, Sanny fired himself back into the music production world on all cylinders, and in the space of a few months, created a Billboard Top 5 dance hit with ‘Sanny X – feat. Tina Charles, and the still often-played hit, ‘Higher’!

Creating many more remixes and original Artist productions for a further 5 years and encouraged by a music and DJ industry that was just waiting to re-explode and form the digital dance music culture of the 2010’s onwards, Sanny then created his, somewhat inevitable, own music label. PlusSoda Music was formed in 2013, mainly as an independent label and platform for his own ‘Sanny X’ productions. Sanny’s reputation however as a cutting-edge Music Producer, added to his A&R experience only gained with time-honoured service to the music industry and Artists, soon attracted young and fresh talent to his burgeoning music label. As of 2017, the PlusSoda artist roster runs into double figures now, with Sanny overseeing an almost ‘executive producer’ role, guiding this new-blood production talent to even more club and crossover hits.

As we land in 2017, Sanny X, yet again, rebirths himself, with a reinvigorated passion for playing out live in the DJ arena – while still running PlusSoda Music, Sanny has been playing discreet DJ gigs, refining his new 2017 ‘DJ’ sound, giving contemporary clubs and dance floors, a taste of his new, and totally refreshing vision of House music. Guided by 3 decades of DJ and music production experience, Sanny now offers clubs, promoters and crowds, one of the most individual and unique DJ sets to be enjoyed globally. Soaked in the roots and elements of soul, funk, disco, tribal, house, tech and electronica, Sanny’s DJ and musical vision is something extraordinary to behold, a journey into the future, guided by the past – something wonderful and frankly glorious, to ‘dance to’!