Release Date: 2017-07-21
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Originally composed as an electronica overture to musically accompany the launch of Denon DJ’s new SC5000 Prime DJ media player, ‘Paradigm’ is a hypnotic journey through synthesised audio textures, as innovative as the DJ product it was composed for. In this new package from Plussoda Music, the original ‘video version’ has been extended, remixed and sonically manipulated into 4 very different versions, targeting the dance floors of global clubs and festivals.

Paradigm (Fallow Remix) – UK based Producer Fallow, lays down some 90s style bass-synth stabs over a gradually lifting percussion bed, grabbing the main ‘Paradigm’ riff and synth flavours, and warping these stabs back around on themselves. Fallow evolves this theme, further increasing the track’s energy levels, then cooling the mix down, and finally whipping the sonic elements into a frenzy of head-nodding, foot-stomping power.

Paradigm (Oscar D’Vine Layer ‘A’ Mix) – Swedish production wunderkind Oscar D’Vine takes ‘Paradigm’ and wraps the main sequencer topline around manic synth stabs to punctuate the mix in a jerky electro-house style. Using delicate, but powerful programming, Oscar throws down drops, then picks up the track through a relative mountainous range of dips and climbs, creating his Layer ‘A’ interpretation of this modern electronica piece.

Paradigm (Oscar D’Vine Layer ‘B’ Mix) – As with the groundbreaking Denon DJ SC5000, and its two layer track playback functionality, Oscar D’Vine flips his musical coin to represent his alter-ego of dance floor devastation. This ‘Layer B’ mix, aims directly at the Millennials – those party-goers who bask in sonic wizardry and craziness, with the rule book thrown firmly out of the window. Strap yourself in and take the ride!

Paradigm (Original Prime Mix) – With hundreds of thousands of global video views as the music behind Denon DJ’s new SC5000 Prime DJ player launch video, this mysterious, electronica soundbite is extended into a full, 6 minutes plus masterpiece. Interwoven synthesised patterns twist and turn as the energy levels steadily climb culminating in a powerful, yet restrained climax. Great to listen to, great to dance to – A real musical ‘Paradigm’ shift!

Mastering by: Mutant Bit Mastering*

Available mixes:
Fallow Remix, Oscar D’vine Layer A Mix*, Oscar D’vine Layer B Mix* & Original Prime Mix*