Sanny X feat.Funky Spacer & Demie

Release Date: 2015-09-25
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Disco reborn? – More like Disco Re-Invented! PlusSodaMusic throw the spotlight back onto Funky Spacer, this time with Demie on vocal duties. ‘Any Love, Any Time’ sits on a contemporary groove that is so authentically 70s, yet so definitely 2015, bedding Demie’s strikingly familiar vocal hook into a beautiful ‘ear worm’ you’ll be singing for days. Funky Spacers rhythm guitar licks fit hand-in-hand with sexy string rises and melodies, sure to please the heart, soul and dancing feet both of late night clubbers and poolside chillers alike – Mix the Dub version and instrumental into an exotic audio cocktail to take your crowds even further into Disco nirvana!

Mastering by Greg at Mutant Bit Mastering
Available mixes: Dub Mix & Instrumental Mix