Sanny X feat.Siadou

Release Date: 2016-07-15
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‘Touch Me’.. you know you wanna! – PlusSoda presents a dynamic, dual remix package featuring Sanny X, with sultry chanteuse, Siadou taking lead vocal duties on the sensual, ‘Touch Me’!

The ‘Progressive House’ set, includes the relentless, euphoric crescendo teasing Wayann mix, the ever-rising energy levels from Simon Sinfield’s interpretation and finally, Tony Postigo wraps a tech-bass line under a powerhouse, big room monster!

Taking the vibes into the ‘Deep House’ mix set, remixer Fallow drops a steadily evolving mood ‘n groove, with Siadou’s pulsing vocal teased into the mix. Stripping the whole track back to reveal the raw beauty of Sanny X’s original production, DJ Nenne highlights the Siadou vocal to the forefront. Wrapping up the deeper vibes, DJ TinTin steps up the sunshine factor, with his ‘NuDisco interpretation – it’s dance floor heaven all the way!

Available mixes: *Wayann Club & Dub Mix, Simon Sinfield Club & Dub Mix and the *Tony Postigo Remix
*Mastering by: Mutant Bit Mastering