Tina Charles

Release Date: 2014-06-27
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After several years of silence, 70’s disco diva Tina Charles, well known for her worldwide No.1 disco hit, “I Love To Love”, teams up again with long time friend and DJ/producer Sanny X on a new track written by Sanny X and Kid Jam. The fruits of Sanny’s studio labours have birthed one of the most positive and uplifting Nu-Disco to arrive this year, in preparation for what looks like a great Summer 2014. Totally hitting the ‘in-vogue’, slower and groovier vibes that are so popular right now, and set to continue for months to come, ‘Saturday’ is a sexy house track gets funky bass and guitars in a Nile Rodgers style by Funky Spacer, wrapped around Sanny’s understated but powerful rhythm programming and synths. The track is further enhanced with some sexy backing vocal’s performed by PlusSoda’s fast-rising young talent, Elsa Jonasson.

Alongside Sanny X’s solid Original mix, the H@K NuDisco remix is beefed up with a fat kick, juicy bass, 80s style pads and flavoured with phunky guitar riffs. The production team duo H@K are better known for productions like Disco Fantasy, Discopolis and an endless string of remixes on the NuDisco scene.

Of course, all the production and studio magic in the world would mean nothing without a great song, and and even greater artist performing the vocals. Luckily for DJ’s and dance floors globally, the combination of Tina Charles’ stunning and timeless vocal, plus a beautifully uplifting, feel-good song melody makes sure the vibes are golden for ‘PlusSodaMusic’ DJ fans – Get ready for ‘Saturday’ night y’all!

Rhythm Guitar: Funky Spacer
Backing Vocals: Elsa Jonasson
Mastering: Mutant Bit Mastering

Available Mixes: H@K Essential Club Mix, Sanny X Original Mix, H@K Essential Radio Mix, Sanny X Original Radio Edit & Acappella