Casa Beat (2017 Remixes)

M!Cara (aka M-I-Cara) returns with Sanny X on the production duties on the original early 90’s legendary tune ‘Casa Beat’. Solid house groove with a funky sub bassline, a samples of the original infectious piano hook is there, backed up with the edgy synth and constantly forward moving snare roll crescendos. Back to basic feel good music

A progressive journey with a touch of balearic flavour by DJ Taco on his re-work of the legendary early 90’s Casa Beat. The catchy moody piano melody hook is replaced with a wall of synths and a groovy beat, built into a big sound summer anthem style mix.

Tony Postigo teams up again with Sanny X and rebuilds Casa Beat into a strong piece of deep house with a delicate sax hook to replace the original moody piano melody, a steady phat beat and a beefy bassline. Funky Spacer kicks joins as well with his guitar magic, this time to add some latino flavour.

The original legendary 1990 track by M-I-Cara (also known as M!Cara). A track which has had thousands of views on youtube during the years, and endless of comments. For example, the uploader ChicagoWax on youtube describes it as: “..fantastic, soulful italo house track from 1990 with a very nice floating piano loop. Catchy as hell and pretty hard to track down nowadays. Enjoy.’

Not so hard to track down anymore – here is the original version remastered.

Mastering by Mutant Bit Mastering

Available versions:

Sanny X Vintage Revival Mix, DJ Taco’s Reloaded Mix, Tony Postigo & Sanny X Sax Dub & 1990 Original Version Remastered